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coffeepals.org http://coffeepals.org/blog Wed, 21 Feb 2007 11:41:56 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Coffee Tasting Terms While tasting the coffee, you should try to discern whether the flavor, body, acidity and aroma of the coffee is pleasant, or unpleasant. Here are the criteria that most tasters use to judge coffee: Acidity Acidity is a desirable characteristic in coffee. It is the sensation of dryness that the coffee produces ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=8 Welcome to Caffeine Country America loves to get wired. Now more products are starting to incorporate that caffeine rush America is a caffeinated nation. Supporting an $11 billion industry, Americans consume more than 300 million cups of coffee each day from coffee shops, whose numbers have grown 18-fold since 1990. But Robert Bohannon, a scientist ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=7 Choosing a Home Espresso Machine Espresso machines come in a variety of styles. Which kind is right for you? You've decided you need an espresso machine at home, but what kind? They all have the same basic mechanism: forcing hot water through coffee grounds under pressure. But there are different ways to accomplish that. There are ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=6 Coffee’s a Source of Antioxidants Coffee not only helps clear the mind and perk up the energy, it also provides more antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet, according to a new study. The findings by Joe Vinson, a chemistry professor at the University of Scranton, in Pennsylvania, give a healthy boost ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=5 Most Expensive Coffee Beans The most expensive cup of joe, in the minds of many coffee drinkers, is a $4 coffee at Starbucks. Perhaps a half-caf soy almond latte prepared by a favorite barista. But for serious coffee connoisseurs, people who are looking for a world-class drink rather than a 'gourmet' cup, the top fare ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=4 Fun Coffee Facts Hello, We welcome to our NEW BLOG Did you know that prior to the 1600’s; the favorite breakfast drink was beer? Since then, coffee has become second only to oil as the world’s most valuable commodity. The first coffee shop opened in 15th-century Constantinople, where the Turks thought the drink was ... http://coffeepals.org/blog/?p=3